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1-866-539- 2628  We are conveniently located in Tampa, FL at  301 West Platt St. suite # 71, Tampa FL 33603 ( Corporate Offices ), and in Largo, FL at 12458 145th Lane Largo, FL  33774 which is where the Boats are located.

Greetings and welcome to the Carefree Boat Club of Largo. At Carefree Boat, we have one goal: to fuel your passion by providing a great fleet that allows you to chart a course to your paradise. Whether you are looking for a boat for fishing , snorkeling, romantic cruises or fun with the family, I can guarantee your boating lifestyle will be Carefree. We pride ourselves on proving the fact that becoming a member of a Boat Club in Tampa Bay is far better than Boat Rental in Tampa and the surrounding shoreline communities.

My name is Marty Melton. I’m not just the owner of the Carefree Boat Club of Largo, I’m a long-time boater. But after years of owning many different boats including fishing boats, speed boats, sail boats, and a pontoon boat, I became tired of all the high costs associated with boat ownership. Especially when you own a boat in Florida! : maintenance, docking fees, insurance. I quickly got rid of my boats and started looking for Clearwater Boat Rentals, Tampa Bay Boat Rentals, and Indian Rocks Beach Boat Rentals because I actually only ended up using the boat maybe a couple times a month. It just wasn’t worth it. If you are interested in what more people have to say to back up why boat ownership and boat rentals are obsolete then grab some coffee and watch some more videos on our Care Free Boat Club YOU TUBE CHANNEL

  Then I heard from a friend about the Carefree Boat Club. I thought, what a tremendous idea… use a beautiful boat whenever you want, but don’t pay for maintaining your boat year ‘round. Owning and maintaining a boat in Tampa was a thing of the past along with any type of Boat Rentals Tampa had to offer.

Some call it “Paradise Found, Simplified.” That’s true. I also call it boating without all the extra costs. With the options of a  Boat Club Tampa has to offer, the possibilities are endless. If you want to find out about all the latest news on Carefree Boat Club and events coming up, please visit our Carefree Boat Club Blog below. We will be posting upcoming community boating events and any new news.

We have put together a list of the benefits at Carefree Boat Club and why looking for Boat rentals in Tampa Bay will not be something you will need to do anymore. The benefits of our Boat Clubs here in Tampa Bay outweigh the negatives of rentals or owning.

Boat Rentals Tampa Vs. Carefree Boat Clubs

• Use the boats as often as you would like with no additional cost. Boat rentals in Tampa can be expensive.

• Boat when and where you want, no waiting. No boat rental fees and well maintained vessels

• No hassles getting the boat ready to go or cleaning and putting it away.

• Our dock hands handle all maintenance and repairs, ensuring you have a boat ready and waiting for you at any time.

• Boats are reserved using an on-line reservation system that allows you to pick the day, time, boat and Carefree location so you can design your perfect outing…easily. No waiting or having to show up in person like for boat rental Clearwater, FL or boat rental in Indian Rocks Beach.  Insurance is always covered by our Boat Clubs

Large Selection of Boats

• Carefree Boat Club prides itself on a wide variety of boats. When you rent a boat in Tampa Bay, you get what is available

• 18’-27’ Cruiser, Deck, Bowrider, Pontoon, Fishing, Ski and Sail Boats are all available.

• As a member you’re not stuck with one kind of boating. You can take your family on a nice cruise this weekend and next week go fishing. The possibilities are endless! If you were to do this and try renting these boats every weekend, you would empty your pocket book.

• If it’s larger boats that fit your lifestyle, some of the Carefree Boat Club locations offer Cruiser or Yacht club memberships. Ask your Membership Director if these are offered in their club.

Multiple Carefree Location Options

• Members have access to all nationwide locations on the east coast and south coast from Maryland to Florida and Texas with more locations being added every season. Our Carefree Clubs are in Tampa Bay making it convenient for you.

• Our members have exclusive access to hundreds of boats at some of the country’s premier boating locations. Whenever you go your boat will already be waiting for you. When you are looking for boat rentals in Clearwater, you won’t have these options.

• All of our clubs are destination locations. You can plan your vacations around boat clubs and enjoy the beautiful waterways and marina amenities. Our boats will be ready each day for you which you cannot arrange with companies offering boat rentals in Tampa.

Boat Club Membership in Tampa Bay is a “Fraction of the Cost of Owning”

• For most people, a membership is one third the cost of owning your own boat and the monthly fee is less than one time if you rent a boat in Tampa, rent a boat in Clearwater,FL, or even rent a boat in Indian Shores or Reddeington Beach

• We cover the cost of the Boats, Slip Fee’s, Insurance, Maintenance, Repair,    Taxes, Towing Coverage and Depreciation. Boat Rental companies increase the price of these items to cover their overhead and pass the increases to you.

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No Boat Maintenance or Boat Cleaning Necessary

• Imagine boating without the hassles of cleaning, waxing, storage, maintenance, repair, winterization and waiting in line at your local boat ramp. You’ll never want to own or rent a boat in Florida again!

• At Carefree Boat Club our staff takes care of all the hassles of owning.

• We have dock hands, mechanics, electronics repair, canvas repair, fiberglass repair resources to ensure our boats are well maintained. Most boat rentals in Tampa Bay have boats that have not been cared for since the person renting doesn’t have any affiliation with the boats.

• When you own a boat, a repair can mean weeks off the water; with the club you won’t even notice because you have access to a fleet of boats.

Helpful Courteous Staff

• Our staff is trained to provide you and your family the best customer service.

• When you arrive at our marina to go boating our staff will assist you and your family to the boat with you gear, ensure all safety items are serviceable and accounted for, give you a weather briefing and quickly help you get underway within minutes of arriving at the docks.

• Our knowledgeable staff can also help you plan your next boat outing out in Tampa Bay.

A Lifetime of Boating Options

• Without ever seeing a trailer Carefree Boat Club members can access hundreds of miles of unique shoreline within one hour leaving from a Carefree Boat Club location. No more having to save triple and quadruple the amount of money that it would take to rent boats in Tampa Bay like this at your leisure.

• At Carefree Boat Club you have access to nationwide locations on the east coast and south coast from Maryland to Florida and Texas.

• It is our goal to expand the Carefree Boat Club network nationally and abroad.

• As a member you have reciprocity with all clubs in this network.

• Many of our clubs are destination locations. You can plan your vacations around boat clubs and enjoy the beautiful waterways and marina amenities.

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