Why Join?


Carefree Boat Club of Tampa, FL is the best option for alternative boat ownership or boat rentals in Tampa. Choosing a boat club will save you time and money because we do all the cleaning and maintenance on the boat as well as store the boat in a  dry indoor storage facility. Carefree Boat Club has the CLEANEST BOATS. Period.

Best Boat Club clearwater Fl        Boat Club for Families in Tampa Bay

Imagine a day of stress free paradise of boating with Carefree Boat Club of Largo or our new Tarpon Springs Boat Club … hitting the open waters in a beautiful boat… feeling the cool sea mist on a hot day as you dart up the Gulf..and not worrying about fueling, loading, towing or cleaning your boat ever again. It is possible that you didn’t even know you could be a part of such awesome boat club here in Tampa! There are millions of tourists that visit Tampa, FL each year and most of them that are searching for Tampa Bay boat rentals don’t even know about our boat clubs in Tampa Bay. It’s the best option and alternative to boat ownership because all the hassles of boating are handled by our professional staff at Carefree Boat Club located at 301 West Platt St. Suite # 71, Tampa FL 33603 and also 12458 145th Lane Largo, FL 33774 and

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  1. Better Locations
  2. Better Boats
  3. Better Customer Service
  4. BETTER PRICING!  – Save $$$  Thousands over other National Clubs!



Does this alternative to boat rentals Tampa sound like a dream? It’s not with Carefree… so live your dream lifestyle through our fleet of immaculate boats including speed boatspontoon boats,fishing boats and deck boats for the whole family. Clearwater boat rentals and Tampa Bay boat rentals  is a thing of the past and Carefree living is in!

All I have to say is that I wish I would have joined Carefree YEARS AGO! I would of saved thousands of dollars in maintenance on my boats and I would of had all that extra time with my family and not have spent it on boat repairs. I highly recommend looking into Carefree since they are a National Club and you have so many options. This is the deal of the century. – Matthew T. , Tampa Fl


As a boating and water enthusiast, you know something happens to you when you change from land to sea. It’s like life begins anew as you leave your troubles onshore….as long as the travel time, loading and unloading, fueling, and maintenance are all hassle free:) You become a different person that smiles more, laughs harder and embraces life with zest. Imagine this feeling every time on the water because the things that get in the way of blissful boating are taken care of by Carefree Boat Club. If you are in Tampa Bay and are looking for a “BOAT CLUB TAMPA” in Google, then give us a call and try us out. You will never go back to Clearwater boat rentals, or boat purchasing again. Who wants to be maintaining and cleaning their boat constantly while the speed boat, fishing boat, or pontoon boat depreciate and goes down in value. This is your chance to spend the extra TIME with your friends and family.

We make all that possible – and more – to help you find paradise, easily. So stop dreaming about a perfect boating lifestyle and start living it… today! It’s a Carefree day at our Boat Club, so stop by for a demonstration of how everything works.

We’re Carefree Boat Club of Tampa at 301 West Platt St. Suite # 71,Tampa FL 33603 and Carefree Boat Club of Largo at 12458 145th Lane Largo, FL 33774  Welcome aboard.