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Boat Club Testimonials for locations at 301 W Platt St #71, Tampa, FL 33603 and 12458 145th Ln, Largo, FL 33774.
For most, boating in Tampa isn’t a thing you do, it’s a lifestyle you lead. You love the sun’s warmth on your skin, the light dancing on ripples of water and the smell of the clear morning air throughout Tampa Bay. And of course, you love the power that comes with going full throttle in one of our speed boats and the sound of the waves crashing beneath your feet. And with a Carefree Boat, it’s a lifestyle made easy. We have many happy boat club Tampa members and want you to hear what they have to say. There is a reason they choose not to look for boat rentals in Tampa Bay as well as looking for a boat to purchase. Our Carefree Boat Club based here in Largo, Fl with multiple locations throughout Tampa Bay and Florida is the answer you have been looking for.

My wife and I used to own a boat but found that we spent more time repairing it than enjoying it with our family and friends! It was always repainting this or fixing that. As we got older, towing and launching the boat became a hassle to where we didn’t enjoy boating anymore. So we got rid of it. But thanks to Carefree Boat Club, we got the lifestyle we wanted back into our lives. Carefree makes boating fun again!! Period.
 Carefree Boat Club Testimonials and reviews  – Matthew B. from Largo, FL

My husband told me he had something special planned for our anniversary….and boy did he! I had no idea how special. My husband did the planning…..Carefree Boat Club did all the work. It was spectacular, from the service, to the boat, to our own special little cruise. Thank you, Carefree, for giving us lasting and exciting memories of our special night. Take pointers men out there! You will get what you want if you give us what we want! Little did I know that Carefree Boat Club is really a woman’s best friend!
Woman review of Boat Clubs in Tampa ,FL – Mary L. from Palm Harbor, FL

Me and my friends love fishing on the Gulf coast. Nothing like hitting the water early to find snook and if we’re lucky, rolling tarpon. Eventually it got too costly to keep the boat in shape. We heard about Carefree. We saw their fishing boats, discovered their price was affordable and we all pitched in for a membership! Now, we hit the water as much as we can and don’t have to worry anything but where the fish are. Isn’t that what it’s all about? This is exactly what a man needs! A fleet of boats to choose from any day of the week when I want.
Testimonials on Carefree Boat ClubScott from St. Petersburg, FL

My husband and I wanted to do something different with our kids…not another day at home, standing in line at the amusement park or just lying on the beach.  I am a stay at home Mom and needed to get out of the house with my kids. We called Carefree and they did the rest. What a fun and relaxing day on a beautiful boat. We swam, snorkeled and even laughed a time or two. Our kids not only didn’t miss their computers or cell phones, they’re asking us, ‘When can we do it again? I highly recommend using Carefree Boat Club as an option for fun with the family because there is absolutely no hassle!
Woman reviews on Boat Rentals TampaElizabeth S. from Tampa,FL

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