Pure Fishing Excitement!

Ah, the beauty of fishing. It’s about serenity and calmness… a deep blue sky and crystal clear water… the bonding between buddies, family and colleagues. This can all be attained if you belonged to a Boat Club in Tampa Bay….and, of course, it’s about landing a trophy in your secret fishing hole. How can you spot that fish 40′ below if your rental boat doesn’t have the right equipment?

If I didn’t have the right fishing boat, I would of never had caught that crazy snook with my son and shared the memories of that fish putting up such a fight! We will never forget that! Thanks Carefree for keeping those boats clean and in perfect shape. – Bob L. Tampa, FL

fishing boat rental in Carefree Boat Club Tampa

Regardless if you’re a serious fishing angler or a casual caster our fishing boats at Carefree Boat Clubs will get you out on the water in no time. Equipped with serious power and all the latest electronics, your time with your friends can be kept at its peak with no worries of safety or inadequate equipment. Don’t even think about Fishing Boat Rentals when you can have the excitement any day you want at Carefree!

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